Springtime for The Machine

Happy Easter! Well, it’s a bit late for that, but Easter is the reason this dev log is a tad late, so it evens out. We’ve been grilling and bathing and generally celebrating spring. We even boiled an egg.

White Box, Gray Box

We’re hard at work on replacing old rapid iteration assets with more visually pleasing pieces, as well as putting finishing touches on a few hero pieces, such as the piston and city leg.

Performance has also seen a decent improvement with the addition of LOD meshes and machine simulation tweaks.

Devlog 5

Lukas “Gås” Rabhi Hallner

Time Stopper

I started this sprint off with some meteors, mainly to be seen in the distance. One more unique thing is that they should be able to be frozen in time, for story purposes! Freezing an effect was simpler than expected! Although it’s hard to prove it with a picture…

Meteors, frozen in time

There’s also been more Houdini these weeks, for anyone interested in learning about procedural game art tools I can’t recommend the Project Titan tutorials enough,
simply amazing! In addition to previous tools, we now have in-engine tools for generating procedural; stairs, floors, foliage & ivy.

In addition to that, I’ve also focused a bit on trims & using them in tools and environmental assets!

Procedural ivy
Procedural stairs
Even more procedural ivy!

Fredrik “Smörgås” Lind

House Placer

This sprint it was my time to get ill, but otherwise fairly steady progress.

A lot of polish and level design iterations. The machine simulation has been improved with significant performance gains, as it is now possible to stream out machine components that are not needed in the current puzzle.

The new system has been rolled out throughout the entirety of the intro sequence. Placeholder art has also been replaced throughout.

Robot alley

Pontus “Sparkles” Andersson

Sound Toucher-Upper

My primary work this sprint has been to reconfigure the sound project in FMOD and sorting/splitting up events into mixing channels.

Another focus has been on tweaking the AHDSR when moving between audio volumes in game. I have also created a few new sounds for a fuse box door and a ventilation outlet.
The audio controller have also received some touch-ups: both in functionality and performance-wise.

Finally, i have dabbled with some animations for doors. It is now possible to create a float curve and use it as basis for the opening/closing animation. This lets us create unique animations for different type of doors. The tracks are also separate, meaning you could have one animation for opening, and another for closing.

Simon “Vito” Gustavsson

Climbing Expert

The sprint of the past week I worked on trying to get inverse kinematics working with the ladder I implemented the sprint prior to this one, but I simply could not get it to work as well as I had hoped for so we scrapped the IK for now.

Other than that I have been doing some screen shakes for the game, and some bug fixing.

Simon “Boonga” Öhlund

City Engineer

During the last sprint I continued working on city itself. I also did some changes to the walking machine itself, where I modified the size and positioning of the engine that’s located on the walker’s back.

I usually write these before the week-end so it’s a bit Pavlovianically painful to write one on the equivalent of a Monday, but I only have myself to blame. Regardless, for more frequent updates (or if you want to ask things), don’t forget to…

Eggs. They eat eggs and fish around this time of the year.
I do, too. I eat fish almost every day.

~ The Gumlin

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