A Mechanical Puzzle Adventure

Release: TBA

The City of Machines wanders restless through the barren wastes. Here, everything is machines; even the inhabitants. Ever onward, the City chases Optimum: the last, fleeting oasis of time left in the world.

However, a new threat looms on the horizon.

The Machine is a mechanical puzzle adventure. In the game, the player will get the chance to explore The Wandering City of Machines; a place its robotic inhabitants have made home. This is a bizarre place where the warm, inviting lights of a cabin mingles with heavy machinery, cascades of sparks, and forests of wire and pipe.

On their way through the metal jungle, the player will have to learn to operate the aging machinery; buttons, levers, gauges and lights guide you as you awaken the slumbering leviathan.

This is a game for people who like pressing buttons.

About the Game

A World of Machines

The world of the Machine is not meant for humans. The robotic inhabitants of the Walking City don’t mind exposed wires and overhead cogwheels.

Watch your step as you duck under fast-moving machinery and jump across giant mechanisms. If you find an obstacle too unruly to pass, perhaps you can find a way to slow it down.

If You See It, You Can Press It

The Machine is powered by a unique simulation framework, which means every button, lever, and valve in the world can be interacted with, and has a connection to the machinery running in the background.

As you wander the world, you can encounter various pieces of machinery that can be manipulated. Not everything is related to the current goal!

Pressing buttons is fun, but sometimes it’s good to know what they do.

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